Review: Full Year 2018 Usage of our Southwest Companion Pass


My wife earned the Southwest Companion Pass for 2018 through a special offer that SWA ran for California residents.

Through the first 6 months of 2018 we took 4 round-trip flights on Southwest, which saved us around $600 in airfare. We ended up taking 6 more round-trip flights on Southwest in the 2nd half of 2018 for a total of 10 for the full-year.

If I apply a conservative $150 savings per round-trip flight, we saved around $1,500 in airfare in 2018 because of the Southwest Companion Pass. Most of our SWA trips were for trips to LA to visit my wife’s family, but we also took a trip to Chicago and Cancun.

My wife was able to earn the Companion Pass for 2019 mainly by signing up for the Chase Southwest Premier Business credit card, which at the time offered a 60K point sign-up bonus. This along with the 40K points that she earned after signing up for the Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier credit card helped her obtain the 110K points needed to receive the Companion Pass for another year.

Our travel plan for 2019 includes 13 round-trip flights on Southwest. Most to LA to visit family, but we will also do trips to Las Vegas, El Paso (Marfa), NYC, Maui (Yay!) & Kona (Double Yay!). So for 2019 we expect to save around $2,000 in airfare, because of the Companion Pass, which is a huge win.

Now my next goal is to figure out how to obtain the Companion Pass in 2020. I am way over Chase’s 5/24 rule, so the likelihood of getting approved for an SWA Personal and Business credit card will be slim to none, but I may try just to see what happens. Otherwise earning the 110K needed for the Companion Pass the good old fashion way will be completely impossible for me 🙁

Mark Kim
Like 80% of working-class Americans, I also work a full-time job. But my goal in life is not to work, but to maximize the time I have outside of the 40 hour work week. This is where the idea for 128 Hours per Week came from. I want to chronicle my life and adventures and highlight the ways that I am trying to get the most out of my life so that I can share my tips and lessons with you.


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