Is it Possible to Win a Chargeback Claim for Bad Service at a Restaurant?


Through my experience with credit card churning, I have become well versed in all the benefits that credit cards provide to their cardholders. I have been made whole by my credit cards due to issues related to property theft, a car accident and fraud to the tune of $20K+.

One standard benefit that credit cards offers its holders is to file a chargeback claim for issues related to a purchase. In my experience, I have filed chargeback claims due to being double charged by a vendor or when a vendor did not refund me properly.

Recently I had a horrible customer service experience at a casual dining restaurant and ended up filing a chargeback claim. The details of this experience can be found on this Yelp review.

Read Mark K.‘s review of El Farolito on Yelp

In this particular case, I felt fully justified in filing a chargeback claim, because the vendor made no effort to resolve the issue with the purchase. Luckily, Chase makes it very easy for its cardholders to file a claim. All you have to do is log into your Chase account online and click on the drop-down menu Things you can do. Then select Dispute a transaction, at which point you will be asked to provide information and potentially documentation on the incident.

For this claim I didn’t have any physical evidence to justify my claim. I guess I could have taken a photo of the incorrectly made burrito or shot a video of my interaction with the restaurant employees. Instead I just attached my Yelp review.

A few days later I noticed a credit on my statement for the disputed amount and I received an official letter from Chase a few days after letting me know that the claim was ruled in my favor.

Long story short, it is possible to file and win a chargeback claim for bad customer service at a restaurant. The key lesson from this event is that everyone should be aware of the benefits that their credit cards provide and take full advantage of them if you believe you have a justifiable claim.

What are some unique claims that you have filed and won with your credit card providers?

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