A Millennials’s Guide to Prepping Your Apartment for a New Puppy


My wife & I put a deposit down for a new Australian labradoodle puppy back in November 2018 and the time has finally come where we will actually pick up our puppy this Friday, April 12, 2019. Both of us are very excited for this moment and have prepped aggressively over the last few weeks to make sure our apartment in San Francisco is ready for the new pup.

Sleep Area

I didn’t have much say in the matter, but my wife wants to have our puppy to sleep in the bedroom with us. We decided to purchase the EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft-Sided Dog Crate, because it is more enclosed than a wire metal crate, which will hopefully keep the pup warmer and exposed to less light during the early morning hours. This crate also has an added benefit of easily folding down to a flat pack and fitting into its own carrying. It’ll come in handy when we travel and want to throw it in the trunk of our car or check it in when we fly.

Play Area

The play area we created in our living room utilizes 3 main components. We purchased the Frisco Heavy Duty Double Door Dog Crate, because it has 2 doors and comes with an internal separator. A separator is key, because you only want to give your pup enough space to stand up and turn around. Any more and the pup may use the empty space to go to the bathroom, so limiting the space the pup has will hopefully teach it to go to the bathroom outside.

I connected the crate to the Frisco 8-Panel Exercise Plastic Pen by utilizing heavy duty zip ties. We purchased this particular pen because it provides more square footage than other pens and the plastic footings on it will hopefully result in less wear and tear on our hardwood floors.

Finally, I thought it would make sense to place a waterproof fleece blanket under this setup to provide some cushioning and warmth for the pup and to give us some protection if the pup makes an accident while playing in its pen

Separating Off Roaming Area

The last prep item we got was a baby gate to separate our living room from the rest of our apartment. The main reason is that we want to limit the area where the pup can roam freely when we are eating or watching tv. This will hopefully limit the area where the pup can have an accident or cause trouble. We purchased the North States 72″ Wide Deluxe D├ęcor Baby Gate because this model fits a very wide opening and the color matches the decor of our apartment. It’ll also come in handy when we have a baby in a year or two!

How did you prep your home for your pup?

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Mark Kim
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